Yu laoshi’s Chinese Corner 2018

  • Course Description & Course Objectives
Chinese Corner is an opportunity for Chinese language learners of intermediate level or above to practice Mandarin on a weekly basis in a non-classroom setting. The goals of this activity course are for learners to increase their oral communication skills and comprehension, get help with homework, acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, and interact with other speakers.
  • Course Requirements
Regular and punctual attendances as well as active participation in all classes are expected of all students. The students are allowed FIVE absences per semester.Each additional absence beyond this (six or more) will adversely affect your final grade. The students should be ready to actively participate in oral drills, partner dialogues, group discussions and other activities in every class. As the semester progresses, students are encouraged to communicate in the target language at all time. 

2018 Spring | Chinese Corner : Conversation Hour

01/17  Name | 奇葩的名字 (PPT)

01/24  Slang (1)—Numbers | 关于数字的俚语 (PPT)

01/31  How to Describe A Person | 人物描述  (PPT)

02/07  Debate | 辩论  (PPT)

02/14  Who Is the Spy? | 谁是卧底? (PPT)

02/21  Killing Game | 杀人游戏  (PPT)

02/28  Hip-hop Music (1) | 嘻哈音乐(一)(PPT)

《中国有嘻哈》(第一期)(The Rap of China<Ep.1>)


03/07  Hip-hop Music (2) | 嘻哈音乐(二)(PPT)

Made in China     by   Higher Brothers(海尔兄弟)


03/14   Spring Break (No Class!!!)


 03/21  2018 Sticker Design Contest Review Party
03/28  Slang 2 — Animals | 关于动物的俚语   (PPT)




 04/4  求职 | Job Hunting  (PPT)

04/11  Hotpot Field Trip | 吃火锅
04/18  整容话题 | On Face-lifting  (PPT)

04/25    影视汉语(一)| Chinese by Video 1   (PPT)


 05/02    影视汉语(二)| Chinese by Video 2

 《一起来笑吧》(小品 “小哥哥”):

05/09    Farewell to Yu laoshi! | 于老师,再见!