Wk#03 (1/31-2/4)

Chinese 307 |   三年中文: 從電影看中國文化的承傳與創新
 Through the Cinematic Lens: Old and New China in Film

課程題目與目標 Lesson Topic & Goals:
Topic #1 家庭文化代溝/親子關係

1. 怎麼從比較的角度來描述人物; 並討論感想
2. 討論電影 《喜宴》《和你在一起》的劇情與人物 

討論電影:《喜宴》Wedding Banquet (DVD; Taiwan, 1993);《和你在一起》Together (DVD; China, 2002)

Monday 1/31:__________________________________________________
1. Film Screening Notes (電影人劇情介紹: add English notes to the synopsis in Chinese; identify key words and phrases found in the synopsis; describe main characters, plot, any other details in Chinese as much as possible)
《喜宴》(導演李安)  Notes  | 和你在一起(导演陈凯歌)  Notes
2. 介紹《喜宴》劇情和人物: 《喜宴》人物介紹: 主角高偉同|愛人賽門|中國來的女畫家葳葳|偉同的父親|偉同的母親|婚禮上的客人
3.  討論 Voicethread 錄音 (http://voicethread.com/share/1675074/)   See correction notes: Shower Review Sheet(01)

Screening: Monday 3:00-5:00 pm 和你在一起(导演陈凯歌)  Notes

HW to be completed before Wednesday’s class on 1/26:
1. Recording (via Voicethread) – Record a response to the following question: see project at (http://voicethread.com/share/1693527/).
    問題: 喜宴這部電影,我沒看過,可是我對李安的電影都很感興趣。請你介紹一下劇情?(graded)
2. Read and research about Ang Lee’s films, especially The Wedding Banquet, Pushing Hands and Eat, Drink, Man, Woman. Bring in some ideas for discussion. (Write down key words in Chinese.) See Background Reading links below.

Wednesday 2/2:__________________________________________________
1.  讨论同学edublogs功课: a. 這是一部以表现两代思想文化观念差异为题材的电影,对新旧两代做了一个比较。请你解释并举两个例子。b. 张杨执导的电影《洗澡》曾经获得过国际电影节最佳故事片以及最佳导演奖两项国际大奖。你认为这个电影为什么得奖(graded) See Shower Review Sheet(2)
2. 语法练习:(反而| 结果| 况且| 没想到)
3.  分组(paired work): post your discussion results under Week#3 blog comments -討論《喜宴》研究心得- (Post at least two points in Chinese as a group – if there is not enough time, please work on it together via email and post your discussion results by Friday’s class.)

HW to be completed before Friday’s class on 2/4:
1. Complete edublogs paired work posting. (graded)
2. Go over Shower Review Sheet(01) and  Shower Review Sheet(2) (corrected postings with notes from Emily, Ada, Riccardo, Liz and Bo). 
Extra work for students: The same questions (see above) can apply to The Wedding Banquet. Please provide two examples from the movie to respond to Question a), and for Question b), explaine why you think this film is critically acclaimed.   
2. Decide Week #4 报告题目: Choose a topic, and prepare a short comment (about 5 sentences) to explain what your topic is about.

我们看了三部电影,请比较 (选一个)
a. 不同电影中的两个人物
或b. 不同电影的父子关系
或c. 不同电影中传统和现代的冲突
或d. (你自己选择的题目-用了比较的角度)

Friday 2/4:_________________________________________________
1.  复习: Review edublogs group posting on  《喜宴》研究心得
2.  讨论: Present you topic to the class (take notes and get feedback; revise it the post your comments as homework) (graded)
HW to be completed before Monday’s class on 2/7:
1. Post your topic and a short explanation (5 sentences) on edublogs – under this week’s commments section;
2. Work on your the first paragraph (150-200 characters; no more than 250 characters) of your essay/presentation (TWO paragraphs total for Topic#1):
a. List key points;
b. Preparea a key word list;
c. Complete a first draft writing.

背景閱讀資料 Background Reading for Topic #1:
a. The Wedding Banquet (1993) NY Times August 4, 1993 Review/Film: A Union of Convenience Across a Cultural Divide at <http://movies.nytimes.com/movie/review?res=9F0CEFDB1431F937A3575BC0A965958260>.  

b. Ang Lee’s Signature Allegory in Eat, Drink, Man, Woman and The Wedding Banquet at 

相關連接 Related Links:
a. UCSD Chinese Cinema Web-based Learning Center
b. 中文電影資料庫 Chinese Movie Database
c. Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Media at OSU 

類似主題有關兩代文化的電影 Other films (in the UPS Library) about family & generational and cultural conflicts:
a. 推手Pushing Hands ( Taiwan, 1992)
b. 喜宴Wedding Banquet (Taiwan, 1993)
c. 飲食男女Eat Drink Man Woman (Taiwan, 1994)
d. 和你在一起Together (China, 2002)   – to be screened on Monday 1/31

Topic #1 (Weeks# 1-4) 22% of total class grade, roughly based on the following:
1. attendance and participation 20%
2. preparation 10%
3. in-class and after-class assignments 40%
4. project & presentation 30%

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  1. 《喜宴》研究心得



  2. 《喜宴》研究心得



  3. 1.“和你在一起” 这部电影描绘的中国新旧代文化观念的冲突。这部电影讨论中国的最严重的问题,农民从农村迁移到大城市。城市化反映了在社会阶层作为对比,比方说小春和刘成的北京经验。在大部分的大城市存在两个不同的平行世界,有一个现代的根富丽堂皇的建筑物对比传统的宅院 和胡同。虽然这个方面跟年龄没有关系,那两个老师有不同的小提琴教学方法。余老师表现中国传统和严格的教学法与江老师表现现代的教学法,而且他们的房子也描绘了北京的鲜明差异。

  4. Wedding Banquet Reflection
    喜宴(xi1 yan4) 的反思(fan3 si1)

    a. 我覺得在喜宴的電影,偉同(wei3 tong2)跟他的爸爸的關係有一點兒緊張(jǐnzhāng)和不誠實(cheng2 shi2)。偉同沒有跟他的父母講他是同性戀者(tong2 xi4 lian4 zhe3)因為他只想讓他的父母高興。因為他的父母很傳統(chuan2 tong3),他認為他們不會接受(jie1 shou4)他如果(ru2 guo3) 他告訴他們真相(zhen1 xiang4)。他的父母來看他之前,偉同改變(gai3 bian4)他的家。他把他的家看起來很傳統,不是像現代。我覺得這個家庭沒有好好的溝通(gou1tong1),所以有問題。
    b. 這個電影有得獎應為有爭議性(zheng1yi4xi4)的主題(zhu3 ti2)。有同性戀者的主題,有偉同跟美國的男人約會,也有不同的文化差異。這都是很難的主題(zhǔtí),有人不會在公開(gōngkāi-public)談論tan2 lun4 這些主題,可是這部電影有。

  5. Week #4 Topic, Topic Explanation

    d. (你自己选择的题目-用了比较的角度)


  6. Ang Lee’s Films: Eat, Drink, Man, Woman and The Wedding Banquet and Pushing Hands

    – I think there are so many relevance to Chinese parents who are traditional and their relationships with their children growing up in either the U.S or modern days
    -It is interesting to see that Americans are viewed as immoral and that they can lead “proper” Chinese children astray-from “The Wedding Banquet”
    -There is so much struggle between the balance of being a good/ respectful child to parents in the modern day children
    -It is hard to get accepted by parents who hold Confucius ideals
    -Lee’s movies are hold a lot of meaning about the relationship of growing themes for the modern day conflicts and symbolizing them with China and politics in some way

  7. Topic #1: English rough draft-first post

    -I want to look at the two different ways the fathers love their child in the movies “Wedding Banquet” and “Together With You”
    -both dads want the best for their son-The dad in “Wedding Banquet” wants his son to be accepted and save face so therefore, doesn’t want people to know that his son is gay; in “Together With You,” the dad wants his son to be successful to get a better life than he had, therefore he pushes him towards working hard to gain fame
    -in both dads, they are similar in the fact that they try to put their son in their best interest and push them towards what they want to be
    -but in the end, the fathers know that they should step back to let their child do what they need to do to be happy

  8. 報告題目:我想透過《洗澡》和《喜宴》裡的父子關係來談兒子們對爸爸不同的反應。大明比較反抗老劉的傳統思想而偉同想儘辦法來隱瞞他跟賽門的關係。不過到最後,每個人都開始諒解對方。

  9. Rough Draft- not done yet with two sources


    In the movies by Ang Lee Wedding Banquet and Together with You, there are many symbolisms and themes about the new generation in conflict with the old generation. In both movies, there is the conflict of the different generations of the father and son. In both movies, the father, the traditional man who holds Confucius ideals, deals with their son who is growing up in a different culture than his father.

    在喜宴和和你在一起兩這個由李安執導zhi2 dao3的電影,有很多的新一代和老一代的主題有關兩代的衝突。兩部電影顯示xian3 shi4爸爸和兒子之間的衝突。在兩部電影爸爸是很傳統chuan2 tong3的也有兒子在不同的文化長大所以爸爸和兒子沒有最好的關係guan1 xi1,因為他們並不了解jie3對方。在喜宴和和你在一起 看起來爸爸沒有愛他的兒子,其實兩個父親太愛自己的兒子所以他們想控制kong4 zhi4兒子的生活,幫他們成功。

    In Wedding Banquet, Wei Tong’s dad visits him in New York to attend his fake wedding. Wei Tong changes himself to disguise himself as more traditional to make his dad happy. In actuality, Wei Tong is gay but does not want to admit it to anyone other than his close friends. Wei Tong, till the end, does not openly tell his dad that he is gay because he does not think he will approve. Wei Tong’s dad actually knows how to speak and understand English and knew that his son was gay. So why did he make his son go through all the trouble and agony of having a fake wedding? At first, I thought that it was because the dad just wanted to manipulate his son in getting a grandchild. But the more I think about it, I think his father wanted to help his child in saving face.

    I think that Wei Tong’s dad wanted to protect his son from ridicule from other Asian people who may not accept his son’s situation. With a fake wedding, his dad wanted to keep away scorn by building an image for his son so that after the wedding, he could go back to his secret life. Many Asian people with Confucius or traditional views cannot accept a gay son who can’t produce offspring to pass down the family name. With the image of having a wife and a child, then Wei Tong doesn’t have to be worried of disgracing the whole family because although Wei Tong is gay, he also tries to please everyone. Therefore, his father takes initiative and goes on with the wedding because he believes it is the best thing for his son’s image.

  10. 我的題目:我們大家都知道爸媽知道什麼是最好的。 我想比較《和我一起》和《喜宴》的爸爸。 他們兩個都覺得他們知道什麼是對他們的兒子最好的。在《喜宴》偉同不同意他的爸爸。在《和我一起》,小春(?) 不明白為什麼拉小提琴是很重要的。我想談談這兩個爸爸的意向。

    Sun Laoshi noted:
    我們大家都知道爸媽知道什麼是最好的。 = 父母總是希望孩子們有最好的前途; 總是希望給孩子最好的機會。…….

  11. 題目:我想談到中國年青人對父母的責任,拿《洗澡》和《和你在一起》來說,大明照顧他的父親,而小春被父親照顧,但是他們都覺得應該達到父親的期望。我想比較這些人物,也解釋重要性。

  12. 我的题目是比较三部电影的父亲儿子的关系,用儿子的角度谈谈爸爸儿子关系,谈谈怎么不同年龄的儿子有不同梦想,不同人生目标,不同感谢父母的方式。《喜宴》的爸爸非常聪明,儿子担心父亲的身体可他决定不管他是同性恋都要给爸爸一个孙子。《和你在一起》的爸爸对儿子的小提琴老师花了很多浅所以儿子感谢爸爸的方式是多多学会成名,这样长大以后就不用爸爸照顾他。《澡堂》的爸爸起先不是很关于儿子,父亲死了以后儿子就实现了最好感谢爸爸的方式是照顾弟弟。

    人生目标-life goals
    担心-to be worried about
    孙子-grand son
    成名-to become famous
    起先-at first
    关于-to respect
    实现-to realize

  13. 報告題目:我的題目是比較高爸爸和劉成。我談的不是父子關係, 但是我要看父親對兒子的關係,他們的行為展示對兒子的態度。

  14. 我选择B,父子关系。我要看一下洗澡和喜宴的比较。两个电影都显示新旧两代冲突。起先爸爸对儿子的选择不满足。通过一起度过时间逐渐开始互相了解。后来,爸爸改变他们的想法也谅解他们的儿子。

  15. 我要看一下洗澡和喜宴的比较。两个电影都显示新旧两代冲突。起先爸爸对儿子的选择不满意(man3yi4)。通过一起度过时间逐渐开始互相了解。后来,爸爸改变他们的想法也谅解他们的儿子。
    在喜宴有一些方面差不多一样。为同,住在家很远。十年以前,他离开家去美国。自从到美国的时候, 他跟父母疏远。他们经常通信,可是他们有不同的观念和目标。父母要他很快结婚然后有孩子。为同不同意。他不喜欢怒生这样,他是同志连。他爱simon,他们五年同住。为同还没对他的父母说到这个情况。所以,父母来美国的时候很复杂。尽管为同从来没告诉他们,但是爸爸知道也谅解。他只要孩子,这样大家高兴。

    显示 =xian shi
    一刻 = yi ke
    恬愉之安 = tian yu zhi an

  16. First draft:
    我的題目是比較高爸爸和劉成。我談的不是父子關係, 但是我要看父親對兒子的態度,父親的行為對兒子造成的影響。 高爸爸和劉成对兒子都有不同的照顧方法,他們也都希望兒子感到幸福。 高父希望他的兒子,偉同,會娶個漂亮女人,尤其就是希望他們早生貴子。偉同父母知道偉同決定結婚葳葳,為了參加婚禮他們從台北飛到紐約。高爸爸在紐約的時候,他跟偉同去散步,但是什麼都沒說。 劉成爭取每個幫小春成功的機會,他帶兒子去北京,務使小春跟最合格的小提琴老師。劉成期望小春成為最有才能的演奏,也是有名的。

    1。 行為 xing2wei2 attitude
    2。 爭取 zheng1qu3 strive for
    3。 務使 wu4shi3 make sure; ensure
    4。 合格 he2ge2 qualified

  17. 话题:对比父子关系,用《洗澡》跟《和你在一起》

  18. a. 這是一部以表现两代思想文化观念差异为题材的电影,对新旧两代做了一个比较。请你解释并举两个例子。



    b. 陈凯歌执导的电影《和你在一起》曾经获得过国际电影节最佳故事片以及最佳导演奖两项国际大奖。你认为这个电影为什么得奖。



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