Taiwan Summer 2021

UPS/Taiwan Summer Program

2021 Program Info Packet: (will be updated by April 2021)
FYI, please refer to 2019 program: (2020 program was cancelled due to COVID-19)
2019 Taiwan Program Info Packet in PDF
2019 Taiwan Program Schedule & Handbook in PDF

This summer intensive language program, for Puget Sound students only, offers two months (last week of June to the 3rd week of August) of Mandarin Chinese language courses at Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan. An interest meeting is usually scheduled on campus in mid-November the year before the program year, and the application is due in the following February. Interested applicants should have successfully completed at least one year of Chinese before participating the intensive language program, and should have a minimal of 2.5 GPA.

To learn more about the program, please download Program Description.  Updated program info with program dates and fee are to be confirmed in the spring during participant orientation sessions. You can contact Prof. Lotus Perry, faculty liaison for the Taiwan Summer Program, at 253.879.3629 or email her at perry@pugetsound.edu, for further information.

Summer Application: due to the International Program’s Office usually the last week in January of the program year:
1. Please be sure to follow the process and complete steps suggested at Puegt Sound Study Abroad Timeline, Summer Programs.
2. Go to Puget Sound International Programs Study Abroad APPLY page , read the instructions, and then complete Summer Application online. Interested applicants must complete this Application by the deadline and be approved to study abroad by the International Education Committee. There is no program-specific separate application for the Taiwan Summer Program.
3. Once an applicant is approved to study abroad, notification will also be sent to the applicant re: acceptance into the Taiwan Program.
4.  Participants of the 2016 Program will also attend four pre-departure sessions of orientations in the spring at Puget Sound campus.

2021  Taiwan Summer Program Dates: The program runs for eight weeks. Program dates are tentatively from June 28 to August 20, 2021. Students need to check in to the Alumni House on Tunghai campus on Sunday, June 27 (any time), and are encouraged to arrive Taiwan a few days to a week prior to the program starting date, and explore Taipei on their own if possible. Housing will only be provided starting at the first day (6/23) of the program. Classes will end on Friday, August 20, but students can stay in the dorm until August 23.  

2021 program fee is to be determined by April 2021. Based on past programs, estimated program fee is as follows:
1. Program fee includes books, lodging, and local field trips: usually around $5,500
2. International airfare: $1,000-$1,200 (depending on where you fly out to Taiwan)
3. Local transportation: $300
4. Food: $700 (about $10 per day)
5. Personal expenses: $500-700
Participants should budget between $7, 500 to $8,500 (including program fee and all other expenses) for the 8-week program.

Summer 2021  Summer Taiwan Pre-Program Orientation Sessions
1. Orientation Sessions: 
Session 1: one-hour program overview meeting on campus in early March
Session 2:  Chat with past participants over Taiwanese tea in late Marsh
Session 3: dinner meeting in April
Session 4: last details two-hour meeting going over orientation packet in late April

2. About Taiwan History:

For the April orientation sessions: review the following info about Taiwan history online before our field trip, will talk to us about.
a. Read about the Mainlanders in Taiwan and understand the terms Chinese: 外省人 wàishěng rén and 本省人 Běnshěngrén;
b. Read about general Taiwan history, focusing on the events after 1949, use either one of the following links,
History of Taiwan (wekipedia.org)
or Taiwan’s 400 years of history: Important milestones from the early 1600s to the present (taiwandc.org).

Acceptance Letter and Taiwan Visa Application
There is no need for the summer program participants to apply for visa to Taiwan. However, for your info, and for those who might be staying longer after the program ends in August, here is the nearest Taiwan government office:

TECO-Seattle (Taiwan’s embassy in Seattle):

600 University St
One Union Square, Suite 2020
Seattle, WA. 98101 U.S.A.
•Inquiry phone:(206) 441-4586
•Fax: (206) 441-1322
•E-mail: info@teco-seattle.org
•Office Hour: 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Please call during office hour for inquiries over passport (ext.301), visa & PRC citizens travel permit (ext.302); document authentication (ext.311)


Making Travel Arrangements

You can search tickets online using www.kayak.com.
Get a price quote from the following travel agent. Compare and then purchase.

Owner: Theresa Pan Hosley tpan@agentfare.com
32411 Pacific Hwy South, Suite B-1
Federal Way, WA 98003
(206) 621-9200
(253) 572-2748

Evelyn, etan@agentfare.com
Dee, esannicolas@agentfare.com
Vicki, vicki@agentfare.com
Vien, vvong@agentfare.com


Key Arrival Info (To be updated)

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 桃園中正國際機場

You will find the monthly newsletter for study abroad students, the Study Abroad Handbook, and links to campus offices/services and to various travel links including the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories. Always remember if you have any questions or concerns while you are abroad, please contact staff in International Programs.


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  1. FULBRIGHT opportunity – go to Taiwan for one year as a Fulbright teaching assistant after you graduate:

    To apply for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, you should do a bit research at http://www.fulbright.org.tw/dispPageBox/MainEn.aspx?ddsPageID=FOSEENGHP before you leave for Taiwan. Fulbright application has to be completed at the end of the summer the year before (i.e. finish application during summer 2013 for 2014-2015 teaching job). So it is not too early to plan for it right now. If you are interested, you should contact Sharon Chambers-Gordon sooner than later (check out http://www.pugetsound.edu/academics/academic-resources/fellowships-scholarships/). Fulbright is extremely competitive. We have in the past two successful applicants and current one graduate is on their alternate list.

  2. ——————————————————————————–
    From: Lotus Perry
    Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2012 12:07 AM
    To: Lotus Perry; Mia C Grodsky; Cliff J Berger II; Eric R Lau; Lev E Nachman; Brendan T Trosper; Samuel R Pearce; Riccardo Frisardi; Darrion L Cotroneo
    Cc: Roy Robinson
    Subject: Tunghai Arrival Info – Good Flight? Fun in Taipei?
    Dear All,

    I think most of you already arrived in Taiwan and hope you had a good flight ( 一路順風 yi1 lu4 shun4 feng1).

    Have lots of fun in Taipei and be sure to arrive Taichung on Sunday 6/24!

    Let me repeat the arrival instructions below:
    1. Check into the Alumni House (校友會館 xiao4you3 hui4guan3) – anytime on Sunday. Tunghai has reserved three rooms for you for one night. Three of the guys will share one room (Lev, Brendan and Sam in one; Cliff, Eric and Riccardo in the other) and the girls are in a double.
    2. There is an arrival info packet for each of you. Darrion and Cliff will need to provide your passport number and DOB at check-in. The rest of you already repsonded to my previous message and I forwarded the info to the Lang Center. They need this info to purchase your tour bus insurance.
    3. You are on your own for Sunday. Use the map provided in the packet and acquaint yourself with the campus and the near-by shopping area (東別 dong1bie2).
    4. Please check out and be ready to meet your Resident Lead Student Teacher, Bernard Chen, Cell: 958-916266 on Monday (6/25) in the hotel lobby at 8:00 AM. He will take you for a two-day orientation field trip to Hsi Tou National Park.
    5. Be sure to pack a one-night bag for Monday night. Leave your other luggages at the Chinese Lang Center and pick up on Tuesday when you return from Hsi Tou, before you move into your dorm.

    Living arrangement:
    Mia and Darrion will stay in a girls-only dorm. Your roommate’s name is: 許采文 (xu3 Cai3wen2).
    Boys will stay in a boys-only dorm – with slightly older facility – sorry! Your room assignments are:
    Room 1: Brendan & Sam
    Room 2: Cliff & Eric
    Room 3: Riccardo & Lev
    Each room will have a local roommate and their names are (not sure which is in which room):
    丘永康 (Qiu1 Yong3kang1)、黃玉豪(Huang2 Yu4hao2)、林智齊(Lin2 Zhi4qi2)

    Tutoring arrangment:
    You will have tutor hours in the afternoon, with three tutors working with you in smaller groups. 教學輔導小老師 Their names are as follows:吳孟禧( Wu2 Meng4xi3 – Female)、李敦齊(Li3 Dun1qi2 – Male)、陳德珊(Chen2 De2shan1-Female). Most of them are graduate students at Tunghai.

    Administrative support:
    If you run into any problems now and later, you can contact Ms. Fan (or 范小姐). Her given name is 純敏Chun2min3). She is my main contact at Tunghai and the Assistant to the Director at the Chinese Lang Center. Her cell phone number is:972-343199.

    Class assignment:
    You will be grouped into two groups for four different perods of class in the morning. Lev and Riccardo may join one of these two groups for one or two hours of class and then be placed in a more challenging class with other students at the Center (time to be arranged – so please be flexible if your higher-level classes are in the afternoon). For all other students, you should have four classes in the morning. Afternoon tutor hours are not mendatory but I would say you should NOT miss them unless you are sick. In addition, you will have a weekly calligraphy class, which is also something you should not miss. If you have any concerns, please let me know.

    Please be aware that we are working with an entirely new staff this year. I believe only one local roommate worked with our students last year. Bernard Chen, your Resident Lead Student Teacher, is a local Taiwanese but studies in the States. He is back home during the summer. He is also new to the program. Ms. Fan is your main administrative contact and if you have ANY questions or concenrs, you should go directly to her. I believe you will be in good hands! I will keep close contact with her throughout these two months to make sure the program goes smoothly

    Have a great time in Taiwan. Email me if needed anytime!

  3. Arriving @ 6:30pm at Taipei, TW (TPE – Taoyuan) on June 19

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