Wk#01 (8/29-9/2)

Chinese 303 |   三年中文: 大中華地區的商業和傳播媒體

 課程題目與目標 Lesson Topic & Goals:
1. 课程介绍 | Old Course Website for 303: http://www2.ups.edu/faculty/perry/chin303/home.htm.

2. 分组报告: 廣告介紹並應徵工作推銷一個產品 (推銷高手: 培養學生的敘述能力及爭辯能力)
Group Assignment for Week #1 (please sit together this week with your teammates):
1. Hunter Bennett | Ada Yu
2. Phillip Brenfleck | Greg Gorence | Shelby Lee
3. Maxwell Heston | Yvonne Louie | Riccardo Frisardi
4. Travis Stull | Gideon Sylvan | Bo Turek

Monday 8/29:__________________________________________________
1. 介紹chinese4u 中文播课和這門三年級課程 |  同學自我介紹

2. 分組活動
Task A – 分組報告評論下面廣告:
强生婴儿邓亚萍篇 – 【为 “妈妈的爱” 喝彩】

刘翔可口可乐中国广告 – 【带我回家 欢欢喜喜过春节】
信里有毒 – Yahoo 【防病毒 放垃圾 免费电邮】
YAHOO奇摩_禮物人生 -【他不壞 他是我爸爸】(本片/結局A/結局B)
1) 廣告介紹的產品是(广告介绍的产品是):
2) 廣告裡的人物(广告里的人物):
3) 廣告裡的故事(广告里的故事):
4) 你們覺得廣告會吸引人嗎?為什麼?(你们觉得广告会吸引人吗?为什么?)

HOMEWORK to be completed by class on Wednesday (8/31):
Group Task B:
1)Part 1: Readin Assignment – read the following job ad; be sure to use an online tool to transcribe the characters into simplified if needed; bring your study notes (vocabulary list); can read the reading assignment fluently (with or w/o notes).
台灣某公司 廣告設計工作  http://knowledge.1111.com.tw/vote.aspx?dutyB=120204:


2) Part 2 (Wed. in-class assignment): Apply the job by working with you gorup mates and come up with a “coomercial” (2- min. in-class ‘LIVE’ presentation to classmates on Friday) to sell a centain product. In addition, you need to come up with a one-liner promotional slogan (see the above four slogans in 【…】).

Wednesday 8/31:__________________________________________________
1) 討論閱讀功課 | 檢討生詞 (see list below under the Comments section)
2) 討論分組活動

HOMEWORK to be completed by class on Friday (9/2):

1) 分組活動 Meet with your group mates to complete Task B Part 2: 台灣某公司廣告設計工作  http://knowledge.1111.com.tw/vote.aspx?dutyB=120204. Post your one-liner slogan in characters (as a groug – have a group member post it) before Friday’s class. Present your 2-min “commercial” in class that involves everyone in the group.
2) 生詞考試 To ensure that everyone in class has propoerly reviewed the reading assignement of the week, a weekly quiz will be given either on Friday or on Monday. For Week #1 reading comprehension/writing quiz: a) reading comprehension – know all the words listed on this weekly blog page (see key words listed under the Comments below, including words/phrases from the course schedule itself) and can translate them in Englis); b) can make meaning sentences (typed or handwrite – student’s choice) by using the key words. Students will be be asked to use certain key words and can choose certain key words to complete this part of the test.

Friday 9/2:__________________________________________________
1) 生詞小考 (15  min.)
2) 分組活動表演

HOMEWORK to be completed by class on Wednesday (9/7 of Week #2):

Prepare for Topic #1  大中華地區|歷史和經濟發展
Intro Paragraph: 大中華地區或大中華區是一個地域名詞,現在主要用于經濟商業等概念中,涵蓋以華人為多數住民之中華民國台灣地區)和中華人民共和國大陸地區港澳地區),有时也包括新加坡马来西亚。此概念常用在海峽兩岸經濟商業領域中,不涉及政治。(维基百科大中华)

1. 閱讀功課: (can read the selectnext with notes; know key words; can use your own words to retell main points; use study questions provided)
a. Read the Main Text: Point 1) Word | PDF  (selection starts from: 中国大陆经济改革第一阶段是以引进市场机制……的激烈争论,阻碍经济的改革与发展。)
b. Prepare for Pre-reading Quiz 1.1 – be able to read and comprehend selected key words and phrases form the text.

Week #1
  – 6% of total class grade, roughly based on the following:
1. attendance, preparation and participation 2%
2. vocabulary quiz 2%
3. group presentation 2%



5 thoughts on “Wk#01 (8/29-9/2)

  1. 第一週重要生詞:
    1. 大中華地區
    2. 商業
    3. 傳播媒體
    4. 課程
    5. 題目
    6. 與
    7. 目標
    8. 分组
    9. 报告
    10 評論
    11. 廣告
    13. 應徵
    12. 推銷
    14. 產品
    15. 高手
    16. 培養…能力
    17. 敘述
    18. 爭辯
    19. 人物
    20. 故事
    21. 吸引人
    22. 某公司
    23. 設計
    24. 文宣
    25. 創作
    26. 表現
    27. 消費者
    28. 認同
    30. 達成
    31. 目的
    32. 內容
    33. 客戶
    34. 及
    35. 同事
    36. 形式
    37. 風格
    38. 確定
    39. 主要
    40. 銷售
    41. 重點
    42. 檢討
    43. 表演

  2. 美芳和青泓


  3. Bo, Travis, Gideon

  4. 1. chinas mainland economic reform plan.

    2.in the mainland or china the economic development, the first point is to develop the city’s before changeing the economic performance.

    3. a. the shenzhen special economic zone was established to test the effects of development

    ? b.to allow families to open the doors to more business.

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