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Chinese 102 Final Project: 短劇 Skit Assignment

One of the final projects for the class is a group skit performance. Students may choose to perform it live in class or present it in a video format. Video clips are uploaded to YouTube. (Some older video clips are uploaded to at

Scripts for all group skits will be posted. All scripts are edited. Please follow this format:
1) Title (English & Chinese);
2) Cast (roles & student names)
3) Scene-by-scene script that includes Chinese characters, Pinyin and stage directions in English;
4) English translation of each scene and a vocabulary list;
5) Email to in WORD (Sun Laoshi will review it before posting on the blog as a PDF file)

The skit should consist of at least 3 scenes  (about 10-15 exchanges in each scene).
Your group needs to first come up with a storyboard, characters and role plays (often other than yourself), and then work on the “dramatic” elements as well as linguistic elements together.  Video production will involve all group members to work as a team, obtaining the appropriate props, locating the right places to film, helping each other act out the characters and memorize the lines, and finally, editing the video. In-class presentation will place more emphasis on live performance, and it is up to each group to decide which production (live or video) they would prefer.

Timeline: (script writing drafts 20% + final version 30% + individual performance 25% + skit production group work  25%)
1) Storyboard: one-page written description in English – due last week of March
2) Script: first draft can be in Pinyin, and second draft in both Pinyin and Characters – due first week of April
3) Final COPY in WORD – ready to be approved and posted as a PDF online: Due third Monday of April
4) Preparation/Production: 2nd and 3rd week of April,
5) Final Video Project: to be completed and uploaded to YouTube (4th week of April)

Spring 2017 Chinese 102 Class Photos
Or access the photos at

Group 1: Zoe, Elliot, Sullivan, Mike
Tacoma Trivia《塔可瑪市問答比賽》Script | Video (6:34)
Group 2: Kevin, Eion, Stephan
Where is My Broccoli?《我的花椰菜在哪兒?》Script | Video (5:12)
Group 3: Minh, Thomas, Tim, Nova
The Ultimate Battle for the International Roommate《國際室友的終極戰役》
Script | Video (9:21)
Group 4: Rose, Lisa, Ross
How to Get A+ ✨《A+星星》Script | Video (6:49)
Group 5:Haley, Zoe, Lukas, Audra
Chinese Stars《中國名人》Script | Video (6:06)
Group 6: Jordyn, Ben, Monica, Derek
I’m Starving to Death!《我餓死了!》Script | Video (5:13)

Spring 2016 Chinese 102 Class Photos
Or access the photos at

Group 1: Alison, John, Hannah B.
Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!
《哎,老師,別給孩子們那麼多功課》Script | Video (8:03)
Group 2: Justin, Livi, Arcelia
Ferris Bueller’s Day off《法西斯的假日》Script | Video (5:01)
Group 3: Michael, Jacob, Tresa
The Unlivable Roommate《沒人要的室友Script | Video (6:22)
Group 4: Nicole, Eric, Clark
Where is My Shoe?《我的鞋在哪兒?》Script | Video (6:37)
Group 5: Hannah C., Jason, William
Where is My Backpack?《我的書包呢?》Script | Video (10:32)
Group 6: Sarah, Erik, Vivan, Bob
The Story of the Stone《石頭記》Script | Video (5:37)
Group 7: Sam, Isabelle, Connor, Cole
Lost and Found《誰拿了我們的東西?》Script | Video (9:53)

Spring 2015 Chinese 102 Class Photos
or access the photos at

Group 1: Jae, Chanel, Rachel
The Blue Notebook《藍色的筆記本》Script | Video (8:31)
Group 2: Jessica, Chiyoko, Hank, Julia
What Should We Do?《我們該做什麼?》Script | Video (8:19)
Group 3: Emma, Kat, Aaron
Where is Everyone?《人都在哪兒?Script | Video (10:20)
Group 4: Kyle, Tori, Deanna
The Ninja Competition《忍者比賽》Script | Video (14:53)
Group 5: Paul, Pamela, Zoe, Mara
The Amazing Race《急速前進》Script | Video (9:28)
Group 6: Mac, Christa, Joshua
A Most Important Test《最重要的一個考試》Script | Video  (6:55)
Group 7: Kyle, Morgan, Jonathan
Freaky Tuesday《奇怪週二》Script | Video (7:16)
Group 8: Ben, Dani, Charlotte
New Kid on the Chopping Block《新來的功夫小子》Script | Video (6:46)
Group 9: Nick, Emma, Laura, Kevan
The Not-So Hungry Games《不那麼飢餓的遊戲》Script | Video  (7:37)

Spring 2014 Chinese 102 Class Photos (click to enlarge)

2014Chinese102ClassPhoto2014 Chin102 ClassPhoto
Group 1: Rachel A., Annastasia, Jack, Shane
Office Space《上班一條蟲》Script | Video
Group 2: Makenzie, Scott, Tom, Trini
Paranormal Activities《超自然活動》Script | Video
Group 3: Emma, Luke, Katie, Pierre
Jiayuan (Matchmaking) for Dogs 《狗世紀佳緣》 Script | Video
Group 4: Liana, Francesca, Justin
Forgetful Wenzhong《健忘的文中》Script | Video
Group 5: Anna, Nick, Daniel, Megan
Coffee? Cellphone? Coffee!《咖啡?手機?咖啡!》Script | Video
Group 6: Meredith, Alexandra, Johnny
Ping Pong or War《乒乓或戰爭》Script | Video
Group 7: Sarah, Andy, Mara
Cereal Mystery《麥片呢?》Script | Video
Group 8: Addison, Bella, Mica
Who Skipped Class? 《誰蹺課了?》Script | Voicethread Recording

Spring 2013 Class
Chinese 102 A Class:
Group 1: Nick, Joe, Le, Will
Teacher Yang’s Dating Method 《楊老師的約會方法》Script | Video
Group 2: Heather, Albert, Gabe
Yan Can Cook Goes to Shanghai《Yan Can Cook 去上海Script Video
Group 3: Nate, Holly, Andrew, Monica   Script | Video
To Catch a Thief《捉一個賊》
Chinese 102 B Class:
Group 4: Amy, Rachel, Kaitlin
Where is Missing Professir Gao? 到底高老師在哪兒?》Script | Video
Group 5: Irema, Lydia, Ryan
The Mystery of the Missing Hatchet《神秘的斧頭》Script | Video
Group 6: Esther, Tai, Miranda
Mean Girls《壞女孩》Script | Video
Group 7: Kimberley, Carrie, Hiroki
 Study? Sleep? 《學教?睡覺?》Script | Video

Spring 2012 Class
Chinese 102 A Class:
Group 1: Shannon; Nika; Jeremy
Stockholm Syndrome: Who Kidnapped Who? 《斯德哥摩爾摩綜合症》 Script | Video
Group 2: Michaela; Darren; Ryan
The Best College 《最好的大學》 Script  | Video
Gorup 3: Hannah; Ashley; Kevin
The Wallet《錢包》 Script  | Video
Group 4: CaroLea; Kabir; Andrew
Looking for Fresh Ginger Everywhere《到處尋找生薑》 Script  | Video
Chinese 102 B Class:
Group 5: Quincy ; Eric; Andrew
 The Best Chinese Detective《最好的中國偵探 》Script  | Video
Gorup 6: Isaac; Nick; Lauren
“He” is a Girl! 《她是一個女孩》 Script | Video
Group 7: Justin; Jonathan; Bethany
Don’t Hold on to the Buddha’s Feet at the Last Minute Script  | Video
Group 8: Robert; Peter; Morgan
Day at the Zoo《動物園的一天 》Script  | DVD
Group 9: Sam; Jesse; Gita
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 《誰願意成為百萬富翁》 Script  | Video
Group 10: Sean; Michaela; Devin
My Head Hurts《我的頭痛》Script  | Video
Group 11: Emily; Aaron; Adam; Alisa
Chinese Twilight《暮光之城》 Script  | Video

Spring 2011 Class:
Section A:
Group 1 (Lauren, Tom, David, Nguyen):
Long Time No See, Big Sister! 《大姐,好久不見!》 Script | Video
Group 2 (Kylie, Cliff, Matt, Kristen):
Amnesiac!《健忘症病人》 Script | Video
Group 3 (Charlotte, Karlen, Evan):
He is not Here! 《他不在這兒》 Script | Video
Group 4 (Jessica, Baker, Veronica):
Drama in China 《中國肥皂劇》
 Script | Video
Group 5 (Daniel, Haley, Greg):
Where is Ruige?《瑞歌在哪兒?》 Script | Video
Section B:
Group 6 (Liam, Monica, Jaimie):
From China with Love《從中國來的愛》 Script | Video
Group 7 (Brendan, Emmy, Darrion):
Bad-mannered High Schooler《不好的高中生》 Script | Video
Group 8 (Imari, Anna, Mark):
Everyone Loves Rico! 《大家都愛Rico》 Script | Video
Group 9 (Eric, Claire, Samuel, Mia):
Breakfast Club 《早飯俱樂部》 Script | Video

Spring 2010 Class:
One of the final projects for the class is a group skit performance. Students may choose to perform it live in class or present it in a video format. Video clips are uploaded to at

Scripts for the skits are posted below. All writings have been edited and include a character version, corresponding Pinyin and a vocabulary list.

Group 1: I am Your Cousin 《我是你的表妹Sript  |   Video
Group 2: Shirts 《襯衫》  Script   |   Video
Group 3: Matchmaker 《紅娘 》 Script  |   Video
Group 4: Where is Ding Ming? 《丁明在哪兒?》  Script  |  Video
Group 5: We are All Family 《都是一家人》 Script  |  
(performed  in class)               

Older Skits from Past Chinese 102 Classes:
When He Fei Met Shi Yili 《當何騑遇上史伊立》Video (9: 43 minutes) produced by Alec, Phil, Elise, and Katerina (Spring 2008)
My Boy Friend 《我的男朋友》  Video  produced by Jen, Chris, and Liz (Spring 2003)

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