Chin309 Spring ’12

Welcome to Chinese4u blog page at the University of Puget Sound.

If you don’t have an account, please go to Edublogs to set up an account.  Once you have an account/blog space, see step-by-step instructions to set up your diaplay name:

1. Go to Your Profile;
2. Under Nickname: type out Chinese name in BOTH Pinyin with tones and characters (Example: Sūn lǎoshī 孫老師);
(Go to > Tools > Pronunciation  to get Pinyin with tone marks. Be sure to use simplified characters or use Tools to transcribe trad. to simp.);
3. Under Display Name Publicly As: choose the pinyin/character name you just typed in;
4. Under Your Avatar, upload a photo of YOU.

Remember to log on to your account first before you submit postings in the Comments section.

This blog page is set up for the Chinese 309 course, Phoenix Claws and Lion’s Head: Food and Chinese Culture,  三年中文: 中國的飲食文化. Students of Chinese 309 are expected to use this blog DAILY to check course schedule and homework assignment, and to post and share individual work and group projects. This course is taught face-to-face three days a week (M W F 11:00-11:50 .m. at Wyatt 209).

Students need to be familiar with the use of computer technology:
1) be able to type Chinese;
2) know how to utilize online tools (dictionaries, annotators, Pinyin editors, translators, traditiona/simplified charater converter, etc.);
3) have easy access to Internet on a daily basis;
4) learn how to post work on Edublogs, Vociethread and other online tools.

Be sure to set up your computer to type Chinese (either in traditional or simplified) the first day of class! Help is availble at the Center for Learning. Please see Chinese tutors, Ada Yu ( or Phillip Brenfleck (

In addition, weekly discussion session (TBA in conjunction with the Chinese Language House Chinese-only conversation hour) will be available for 309 studednts. Attendance is not required but strongly encouraged.

Visitors are welcome to email Prof. Perry at for further questions. Click to see Prof. Perry’s office hours for spring 2012.

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