Wks#12/13 (11/14-11/21)

 Chinese 303 |  三年中文: 大中華地區的商業和傳播媒體

課程題目與目標 Lesson Topic & Goals:
1.  题目二: 履歷表| 求職信| 工作面試 -    Complete recording
2. 题目三: 商業文件 –   租房契约

1. 提出問題 Employment question to ask our China/Taiwan experts; or other questions about China/Taiwan:
a) I am an art history major. I want to go to China to work but I do not want to teach English. Do you think that it is possible for me to find a job or intern related to my major? Any suggestions? 我是学艺术史的。我想到中国工作工作,但我不愿意去教英文。你觉得要找到和我专业有关的实习机会有可能吗?你有什么建议?
b) What’s the best way to improve one’s Chinese? Can you share with us your own experience? Any suggestions?
c) I am not sure what I want to do but I know I want to go to China and find a job there. What advice would you give to a senior?
d) You graduated from UPS. Is there anything you wish you have done in college? What courses really helped you with your current work? What advice would you give to those who are still in college? How should we prepare ourselves for entering the job market?
2. 在星期一上课以前放在这星期的网页Comments

Monday 11/14__________________________________________
1. 租房契约 Lease document – Read Page 1
2. Check questions posted
3. Work on recording

Tuesday 11/15 (in lieu of Friday’s class)_______________________
Asian Studies Lecture: “TAIWAN UPDATE”
4:00-5:00 pm, Tuesday, Nov. 11, Wyatt 109
Presentation by Director General Daniel Liao
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO)

HOMEWORK: (due Friday 3:00 pm)

1. Take notes and post the following under this week’s Comments:
a. Key points (6 comments in English and then translate 3 into Chinese)

For those who cannot attend the lecture, please research online or on your own, or read Taiwna Country Porfile by BBC bews.
Post online: 6 key points  in English and then translate 3 into Chinese

Wednesday 11/16_______________________________________

租房契约 Lease document – Read Page 2
2. Check final recording
3. Choose debate or presentation format and topic

Debate team assignment or group presentation: (postponed to Week#14 and Week #15)

Group 1): Greg, Riccardo
Group 2): B0, Shelby, Ada,
Group 3): Travis, Yvonne
Group 4): Phillip, Max,
Group 5): Gideon, Hunter

選擇題目: Choose topic and format of presentation on Wednesday (11/16) 
研究討論重點: work on key points Monday (11/28)
練習: practice on Wednesday (11/30)
辯論或報告debat or presentations on Froday/Mon)day/Wednesday (12/2, 12/5, 12/7)

Class on Friday (11/18) is cancelled: In lieu of Friday’s class, you are required to attend Director General Liao’s “Taiwan Update” lecture on Tuesday, 11/15 from 4-5 pm, in Wyatt 109. Please make arrangements to get off work. If you have a class conflict, please trun in ”makeup work,” by writing a short narrative on current Taiwan – about 300 characters.

Week #13 Monday’s class – individual appointments for those who still need to turn in late assignments

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  1. 见改正



    2012年12月,我将从普及湾大学毕业,专业中文及国际商业。我热爱我的专业,也对外语及外国文化特别感兴趣。我是从意大利来留学美国的. 除了母语是意大利文,我也学习汉语四年,西班牙语一年和德语一年。我很兴奋能投身社会,使用我所学的语言能力。我希望找到符合自己专业和兴趣的工作。




  2. Although I am ethnically Chinese, I was born in the States and do not have the same background as those born and raised in China. I’m afraid employers will expect me to have the same fluency as the local Chinese people. What kind of advice could you give to help me find a job in China?

  3. What tools are most commonly used to look for work in China? Has job hunting gone online yet?


  4. 見改正

    Teaching English is a great way to go back to China and continue to improve your Chinese, but how would you suggest looking for other jobs at the same time?
    去中国教英文是(change会让你回去中国和继续提高你的中文水平 to 一個回去中國繼續改進中文能力的好機會),但是为了(delete找将来的生涯add日後的事業),你同时应该怎么找别的工作?

  5. 尊敬的先生/小姐


    2012年12月,我将从普及湾大学毕业,专业中文及国际商业。我热爱我的专业,也对外语及外国文化特别感兴趣。我是从意大利来留学美国的. 除了母语是意大利文,我也学习汉语四年,西班牙语一年和德语一年。我很兴奋能投身社会,使用我所学的语言能力。我希望找到符合自己专业和兴趣的工作。




  6. 見改正

    Although I can speak Cantonese and Mandarin, I have a hard time reading and writing. How will this affect my chances of a job in China?
    雖然我會說廣東話和普通話,我不太會寫和(wrong character 肚子shoule be 讀字)。這樣會怎麼影響我找工作的機會?

    If I am able to speak Cantonese and Mandarin, would it be better to try to find a job in Guangdong or Hong Kong instead of other parts of the Mainland?

  7. 見改正

    In may of this year I will be graduating from the University of Puget Sound. Because I plan to find a job in China after graduation I want to know what Chinese employers expect of their applicants? Furthermore, In your mind is it hard for foreigners to find jobs other than teaching English?

    (not现年use明年)五月,我要从普及湾大学毕业。因为毕业以后我打算回到中国找工作,所以我想知道中国的雇主对求职者/申请人有什么标准?此外,对(change 你 to外国人 )来说,除了教英文以外,在中国找(add別)的工作机会是不是很难得到?

  8. 見改正

    What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of being a foreigner looking for work in a Chinese metropolis?

    你觉得外国人(delete主)在中国大城市(add寻求)就业(add机会)有什么(delete利害 could use利弊)?

  9. Being a foreigner who can speak chinese and not looking at any job in particular, are there more opportunities to go find a job in a big city or a small city?


  10. 见改正

    What should I know in order to start a company in China? How do I make the company successful?
    (add想要)在中国(delete为了开始instead use成立 or 开设)一家公司应该知道什么?怎么让公司成功?

  11. 见改正

    While taking a job in China, how would I go about I find a Chinese mentor in the computer science industry?
    在中國(add找)工作(delete同時)我怎麼在計算機科學工業(add市场)找到(一个)(instead of 中國人指導者 use当地的前辈来指导我)?

    Are there opportunities to improve my Chinese while working with co-workers?

    Do you suggest taking classes to improve my Chinese as I work full time?

  12. 见改正

    Do you feel as if most jobs available to English-speakers proficient in Chinese are mostly teaching English?

    How much fluency is expected of a foreigner in the Chinese workplace?


    It was only in the 1990s that Taiwan made the transition into a democratic, two party system that consisted of the Nationalist Party (KMD) and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

    Of all Asia, Taiwan has the freest media broadcasting, and laws regarding silence of anti-communism and breaking from China are usually ignored.

    The government is currently working towards making Taiwanese media free from political control and in the hands of the masses.

    The relations between China and Taiwan have always been strained, but one of the largest reasons that China continues to point short-range missiles at Taiwan is because of the United States’s arms sales.

    As a direct competitor of China on the world political stage, Taiwan has been diplomatically isolated. It holds formal ties with only two dozen, small countries.

    Taiwan has a strong export industry of electronics; most of these are shipped to mainland China.

  14. Taiwan’s lacks arable land, so it depends on foreign nations for food imports. 是因为台湾的农陆地少,所以台湾靠另外的国家来入口食品。

    Taiwan is the largest per capita importer of American agriculture.

    Most of the world does not recognize Taiwan as a nation, however 23 do. 大部分的国家不支持独立台湾,可是二十三个国家认为台湾就是独立国家。

    Taiwan’s foreign reserve holdings are the world’s fourth largest. 台湾买的外国债券其实世界上第四最大的。

    About 500 goods are traded between Taiwan and China without imposition of tariffs.

    Taiwan’s business environment is safe for property rights and financial protection.

  15. The main importer of Taiwanese high-technology goods is China.

    Today tensions between China and Taiwan have been at an all time low, due to a new economic agreement.

    Taiwan has recently transformed from GMD rule to a democratic state.

    Since the ECFA was signed, all economic indicators for Taiwan are on the rise.

    Taiwan has recently joined the WTO, resulting in decreased trade restrictions.

    Taiwan has a very free and competitive media.

  16. • Taiwan is one of the most densely populated areas because of how mountainous the west is. 台湾是人口最稠密的地区之一因为它的西边很多山的。
    • The United States is the number one direct investor in Taiwan. 美国是台湾最大的直接投资者。
    • One third of the food in Taiwan is imported from the United States, such as soybeans, meat, and wheat. 三分之一台湾食物是从美国进口了,比方说黄豆,肉,和小麦。
    • Roughly eight percent of people in Taiwan want total reunification with China and roughly eight percent want total separation from China, but the seventy-four percent majority wants Taiwan to remain a special region.  台湾大约有百分之八个人要与中国统一,还有大约百分之八个人要台湾是独立的国家,但是大部分的台湾人要台湾继续当一个特区。
    • Taiwan’s growth rate has grown tremendously in recent years because of relaxed relations with Mainland China.  最近台湾的生长速率增加了因为中国和台湾的关系越来越开放。

  17. 1) Although Taiwan is diplomatically isolated, it has grown to be one of the big economic centers of Asia, particularly in the technology industry.
    2) Taiwan’s current president has helped better relations between Taiwan and China; in 2009, the presidents of the two nations communicated directly for the first time in 60 years.
    3) In 1971, Taiwan lost its seat on the United Nations to China.
    4) Even though Taiwan and China have strenuous relations, China exports many goods to Taiwan.
    5) Although Taiwan used to be a one party state, during the 1990’s Taiwan became a democracy.
    6) The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, but many other languages are spoken, including Hakka and Taiwanese (Min Nan Chinese).

  18. Taiwan has the 23rd largest economy in the world, it is very good compared to how ~30 countries recognize consider Taiwan as a country and 130+ do not.

    Taiwan is the number one most densely populated country in the world.

    Per capita increased more than 100 fold in 58 years.

    Taiwan’s business rankings are all rather good and competitive when considering Taiwan’s population and size compared to the other 190+ countries in the world.

    The ECFA agreement between China and Taiwan reduced tariffs and commercial barriers between the two sides, thus strengthening their relationship.

    If the US grants Taiwan visa waiver, it will save a typical family of 4 $5,000 from visa expenses.

  19. Taiwan is the most densely populated country in the world.

    Most of the high-tech products produced in taiwan go to China.

    Taiwan is only recognized as a country by 23 nations, more than 130 think Taiwan isn’t a country.

    A third of the food consumed in Taiwan is imported from the US.

    Doing business in China is easiest if done through Taiwan due to the Property Rights laws.

    Due to a recent agreement, Taiwan and China have been trading a lot of products and their public relation has improved a lot.

  20. 1. Lately Taiwan and China have been making steps to reconcile their differences. On June 29th, 2010 both governments signed the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) to reduce tariffs and commercial barriers between both sides. This is seen as the most significant agreement since both sides split after the Chinese Civil War in 1949.
    2. The small island of Taiwan boasts a rapid Economic growth rate. From 1952 to 2010 Taiwan has had an annual growth of 6.59% and 10.9% alone in 2010.
    3. Taiwan has become a member of APEC, WTO, WTO/GPA and observer of WHA as they seek to further develop their economic and global relations. 台湾已经成为世贸组织和亚太经合组织的成员及当WHA的观察者。这是因为台湾政府将促进跟别的国家之间的外交关系。
    4. Taiwan has made a move from checkbook diplomacy to viable diplomacy.
    This shows the maturity and strength of the Taiwanese government, as they no longer compete with China for global recognition.
    5. 124 countries around the world grant visa waivers to Taiwan citizens. The Taiwanese government hopes the United States will be the 125th in order to improve relations and private investment.
    6. With a population of 23.14 million and an area of 14,000 square miles, Taiwan is one of the most densely populated areas on the planet. Furthermore a great majority of the population lives on the West coast because mountains cover most of the East coast making that area hardly suitable for living.

  21. Taiwan only recently became a truly democratic state in the early 90s.

    Taiwan’s primary investor is the United States, and Taiwan gets as much as one third of its food from here.


    Taiwan is the most densely populated country in the world due to its geography.

    Taiwan has become a large center for technology development in Asia, shipping many electronics to the mainland.

    Over the past few years Taiwan has experienced a great growth rate, in part due to better cross strait relations with Mainland China.

    Taiwan has the world’s 23rd largest economy in the world.

  22. 我是从意大利来留学美国的.2012年12月,我将从普及湾大学毕业,专业中文及国际商业。我热爱我的专业,也对外语及外国文化特别感兴趣。除了母语是意大利文,我也学习汉语四年,西班牙语一年和德语一年。我很兴奋能投身社会,使用我所学的语言能力。我希望找到符合自己专业和兴趣的工作。


  23. Taiwan is the third largest buyer of Washington apples.

    Taiwan and China have arrangements to save both countries money in trade tariffs.

    Taiwan saves more money than China as a result of the arrangement.

    Foreign companies should enter the Chinese market through Taiwan because Taiwan has intellectual property rights and China does not.

  24. -Foreign trade with Taiwan went from $0.3 billion in 1952 to $526 billion in 2010 – largely in due to trade with the United States

    -Taiwan has maintained a strong employment rate. Their ‘highest’ unemployment rate was only 6%

    – Only 23 countries recognize Taiwan as a country

    -Taiwan is the 22nd largest producer of carbon dioxide

    -Taiwan was the #1 supporter of Japan after the most recent earthquake/tsunami.

    -6-8% of Taiwan wants complete independence from China; 6-8% wants immediate reunification; the remaining vast majority prefers the status quo.

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