Student Project 1

Student Porject 1: (Wk#1-Wk#4)

Hunter  (青泓) |  中国人和美国人怎么看彼此的食物?
Amanda (曼迪) | 中国的商业宴会的礼节
Bo  (元博) | 火锅
Ada (美芳) | 什麼是大眾菜?什麼是美式中國菜?
Brandon (耀桐) | 中西饮食指导原则的差异
Max (敏偉) | 香港点心和台湾小吃
Travis T. (福臨) | 中西不同的烹飪方式
Monica (曼寧) | 中國節日和食物的關係
Belinda (慧婷) | 中國和泰國的酸辣湯
Phillip (春暉) | 中国菜的命名方式
Travis S (傳文) | 中國和美國的烤肉
Emily (郁君)  | 中国节日和节庆食物
Lev (南樂) | 米饭在东南亚国家
Alexi (偉誠) | 上海和香港的食物文化
Yvonne (靜儀) | 比較台灣越南韓國的牛肉麵
Taylor (玉蓮) | 中西用餐禮儀的比較

1.Choose from one of the following topics: 
a. Comment on the characterisitcs of Chinese food culture;
b. Compare and contrast three (or more) different regional Chinese dishes and their respective local flavors;
c. Describe various methods of cooking Chinese dishes, and contrast them with western methods of food preparation;
d. Research dish names in Chinese, choose 6 distinctive dishes to analyze on the formation and naming of these Chinese dishes;
e.  Compare and contrast some of the differences in Chinese and Western food cultures (focus on one or more aspects: food preparation, banquet manners, dietary concepts, and others);
f.  Provide a summary in Chinese of the English article, Food in Chinese Culture, adopted from K. C. Chang’s book;
g. Choose your own topic based on the readings and discussions related to Topic #1.
2. This project requires a written statement, an in-class oral report, and a recording/visual presentation:
a. Post online a brief introduction of your topic, including key points and a thesis statment (about 150 – 200 characters);
b. Student in-class presentation (3 min.) – talk about your key points, include examples to support  your points;
c. Final Voicethread Slide Presentation – include at least 3-min oral comments , spread out over 5 photo slides and 3 text slides that outline key points.

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