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Welcome to Chinese4u blog page at the University of Puget Sound.

This blog site, maintained by Prof. Perry at the University of Puget Sound Chinese Program, contains current 1st-year and 2nd-year course materials and student work. Past courses at 3rd and 4th levels are archived.

If you don’t have an account, please go to Edublogs. Remember to log on to your account first before you submit postings in the Comments section.

Please set up your edublogs account if you do not have one yet. See step-by-step instructions to set up your display in Chinese, once you set up an account:

See step-by-step instructions to set up your display name in Chinese, once you set up an account:

1. Go to Your Profile;
2. Under Nickname: type out Chinese name in BOTH Pinyin with tones and characters (Example:Gāo Wénzhōng 高文中 John); (go to Google Translate to get Pinyin with tone marks);
3. Under “Display Name Publicly As:”, choose the pinyin/character name you just typed in;
4. Under “Your Avatar”, upload a photo of YOU (headshot preferred);
5. Save your profile.

We will use this blog wo post in-class group work and individual assignments. You will need to log in to your edublogs account each time if you want to post under Commments on the Chinese4u.edublogs.org page. This way, your name in Chinese will be displayed properly.

You will find the following course blog pages:

Current Semester (Spring 2024):
Chinese 202, Intermediate Chinese (2nd semester of 2nd-year program)
Chinese 102, Beginning Chinese (2nd semester of 1st-year program)

Past Courses:
4th-year Chinese at Puget Sound (ACTFL Intermediate High to Advanced Low)
Chinese 301, Across the Strait: Cultures of China and Taiwan, spring ’13
Chinese 305, From Bamboo Grove to Cyberspace: Chinese Literary Text Now and Then, fall ’12
Chinese 309, Phoenix Claws and Lion’s Head: Food and Chinese Culture, spring ’12
Chinese 303, Greater China: Commerce and the Media, fall ’11
Chinese 307, Through the Cinematic Lens: Old and New China in Film, spring ’11
3rd-year Chinese at Puget Sound (ACTFL Intermediate Mid to Intermediate High)
Chinese 260, Advanced Oral Expressions
Chinese 250, Culture and Communication
Chinese 230, Grammar and Articulation
2nd-year Chinese at Puget Sound (ACTFL Novice High to Intermediate Low)
1st-year Chinese at Puget Sound (ACTFL Novice low to Novice Mid)

Visitors are welcome to email Prof. Perry at perry@pugetsound.edu for further questions.

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