Sticker Design Contest 2017


   Mt.                                                        Bird

   Fish                                                        Character


VOTING: (BY Friday 3/10/2017)

Who can vote? Any student, faculty or staff members who have taken a Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, and China content course, and/or have participated in any co-curricular events sponsored by the Chinese language and culture program.
1. Vote in class, your Prof. will circulate voting sheets
2. Vote at AS Office, go to Wy 110 to see Lorraine
3. Vote by email, send in your Vote (Mt. | Bird | Fish | Character) to


  • Chinese Language and Culture program invites you to design an official sticker for our students in 2017.
  • One winning design will be voted in by ALL current students in Chinese language and culture courses at UPS.
  • Winning design will be used to to produce the 2017 UPS Chinese student stickers which will be available for purchase to the entire campus community in April, 2017.


  • Submissions will be accepted February 6 – March 1, 2017.
  • Voting will occur online March 6 – March 10, 2017.
  • The final art will be selected and announced no later than March 15, 2017.


  • Your sticker design must be a piece created specifically for the Chinese Language and Culture program at University of Puget Sound.
  • Your sticker design must be a piece designed by you, featuring images and ideas that you own all the rights to, or have permission to use.
  • Sticker designs can be in various shape (square, circle, etc.), and visually attractive when scaled down to a 3×3″ graphic or similar size (such as 2×4″).
  • Graphic should be submitted in on a white background, to allow for proper printing.
  • Graphic should include “Chinese Language and Culture” and “University of Puget Sound” (Or UPS, PS or Puget Sound). The year 2017 must also be visible on the sticker.
  • Winner will need to be able to share a print-ready copy of the design.


  • Dream up the best sticker design you can.
  • Sending in a scanned PDF file of your design to Prof. Perry at
  • Deadline of submission is by midnight of March 1.


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